Diana Pisone has over 20 years of interior design and architectural experience and is especially known for her ability to allow aesthetics and function to work hand in hand. As Team Principal at Ted Moudis Associates’ Chicago office, her primary responsibility is to serve as a liaison to the firm’s clients and provide superior customer-driven design services. Diana is accountable for the coordination of all aspects of the project process from programming to project administration, which includes providing management and direction to the design team, the contractor, other consultants, and vendors. Diana is known for her hands-on approach to schedule and budget management, as well as her enthusiasm and insistence on quality work.

Inspired by the idea of combining the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Diana passionately set off to understand how offices worked so that she could design resourceful office spaces. Her theory of SE+TE=CE (Space Efficiency + Time Efficiency = Cost Efficiency) has been the driving force behind her goal of the perfect office environment since age 17. Tagging along with her father to his office as a child, studying design at Michigan State University, diving head first into corporate office design in 1996 and continuing this pursuit has led her to have the strong knowledge base in the total Efficient Office.

In 2007, inspired by a current teaming of interns at her office, Diana decided that she could either selfishly hold on to the knowledge that she had gained through experience or she could use the gifts that had been given to her and share them with the new generation of designers. It was at that time that Diana started teaching part time. Mechanical Drafting, Introduction to Space Planning and Professional Practice and Business Ethics are a few of the courses that she has taught at the Illinois Institute of Art (CIDA Accredited).

Understanding that a healthy community is the basis to a healthy lifestyle, Diana has always made time for philanthropic endeavors. This “give to the community” feeling was instilled by her family, further strengthened by the ties of friendship that she made as an undergraduate and continues in adulthood with her professional and personal relationships. While the most important personal causes to her currently are the Les Turner ALS Foundation, American Cancer Society and the DIFFA organization, she still makes time to support the causes of her friends.



With over 20 years experience as a design and construction professional in Chicago, Illinois, Kerri Callahan is an architect, interior designer, lighting professional, and project manager.  She began her career coordinating construction projects for major general contractor Pepper Construction before spending 10 years as an associate architect with LCM Architects and later the DLR Group.  A keynote project in her interior design portfolio is Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago, a groundbreaking 50,000 sf office building which incorporates Universal Design concepts to meet the needs of the disabled staff and clientele of this advocacy group.  Kerri next broadened her portfolio at Lightswitch Architectural, where she served as Director of Lighting Design, tackling theater spaces and residence halls with renowned firm Studio Gang before coming to the Art Institute of Chicago to lead not only the lighting design but full implementation of design & construction for The Deering Family Galleries of Medieval, Renaissance Art, Arms and Armor.  Within these new permanent collection galleries, she implemented the first all LED gallery lighting installation within the Museum, including the use of color tunable lighting throughout.  Her combined experience in architecture, interior design and lighting design allowed her to understand the complex aspects where science meets design within this one of a kind installation. Kerri currently oversees the continuing implementation of color-tunable LED lighting throughout the Museum as well as upgrades to lighting controls to accommodate ever-changing needs for the collections.




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